Casino tips for beginners
6 Tips on Gambling Responsibly

Gambling is a form of entertainment and as long as you treat it with respect and care, you should be fine. However, some people have trouble betting responsibly when they are placing a bet on horse races, or predicting the next World Champion in basketball. Here are a few tips on how to bet and play games responsibly.

Taking a Break

This does sound a bit basic, but there is a reason for taking breaks. Land-based casinos and betting parlors often don’t have windows and clocks, making you lose track of time and spend more time gambling. In terms of online gambling, the atmosphere is even more convenient because it is your own home. Take a break every hour or half-hour. It will give you a chance to grab a meal, go to the bathroom, and, most importantly, you will have some inkling as to what time it actually is.

Gambling Budget

It doesn’t matter how good the odds are and how much of a sure thing the next hand is going to be. If you have already gone over your budget for the night, it’s time to stop. Never bet with the money that you don’t own and that was meant for something else.

Gambling Fallacy

Craps and roulette players are occasionally going to tell you that there is a system behind the games. While, in a way, this may be the case, the system is not there to work in your favor. Just because the ball landed on red 4 times already does not mean that it is bound to land on black now. This also leads us to our next point.


There are many movies and TV shows when a person wants a specific set of charms or people near them while they play their games. There are known superstitions in the gambling world and it is your job to avoid them if you are to enjoy this pastime responsibly. A lucky rabbit’s foot, the unwashed jersey you wore when your team won, the psychic that told you a huge pile of money is coming your way – all these things are meaningless. It is both irrational and dangerous to gamble money on a superstition.

Cool Head 

When placing a bet or playing a game, you need to be focused on what’s in front of you. This does not work if you had a fight with someone prior to the experience. The same goes for any kind of intoxication. The things that shift your focus from the game and the bet are the same things that interfere with your judgment.

This does not mean that you should not drink or smoke at all, or that you should ignore your friends and potential love interests at the table. It just means that you need to be careful in order to avoid getting your judgment compromised.


Gambling is meant to be fun. If you are logging in online because that’s what you usually do at that time of day or you are looking for a way to earn money – stop. Gambling is about the atmosphere and the thrill and not a way to earn money or a daily ritual. It’s risky and, while that is something that contributes to the awesome feeling of placing a bet, it is also a dangerous territory if you don’t know what you are doing. Play safe.