Casino tips for beginners
A Few Fun Facts About Casinos

Some associate casinos with glamor, while others view them as questionable establishments. Whether you love them or hate them, casinos are a huge part of the gambling culture. There are a few things you probably don’t know about casinos and we have come up with a few to share.

You Can Ban Yourself

When you are acting a bit unruly, have had a few drinks too many, or have been caught cheating, it is natural for the casinos to blacklist you and not allow you to return. However, what you may not know is the fact that people can ban themselves from casinos. You can either ban yourself for a set period of time or for life. The idea is that if a player notices that gambling has become a problem, they are allowed to take some preventive steps towards their recovery.


No Locals

Monte Carlo Casino is an amazing place and one of those in the world that is synonymous with playing games and having a great time. There is just one catch, though – you can’t gamble if you are a local. Monaco insists that monetary adventures the casino provides are for foreigners only. It is a good way to generate revenue for the city without upsetting the local economy too much and there are a few tax benefits as well.


An anecdotal account for one of the most popular snacks in the world states that the sandwich was invented by one John Montagu, earl of Sandwich. He was a passionate gambler and he, supposedly, would not leave the card table even to grab something to eat. The anecdote states that he demanded a cook bring him a piece of meat between two pieces of bread so that he would not dirty up the cards. One could, therefore, argue that the sandwich was invented in a casino.


The Longest Poker Game

Poker tournaments can last for a few days or weeks, but the longest games of poker lasted for over 8 years, with breaks for eating and resting. A theatre in Arizona in 1881 was the venue of the event and we can’t help feeling both impressed and worried because people are capable of such a feat.


Casinos, at least land-based ones, will do almost anything to keep you playing. This is why there are no clocks or windows. It is easy to get carried away and completely forget the time. The lighting is the same during the daytime and the night and the halls are often real mazes that are very difficult to navigate. The logic behind this is that you already don’t know where you are or what time it is, so you may as well pass the time with some games.