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Best casinos’ architecture in the world

There are not many casinos around the world that have managed to combine luxurious architecture distinguished by unique and dramatic exteriors, lavish indoor ambiance and finely crafted interiors, with an exquisite gaming experience. Today, we have selected 5 of such architecturally-bewildering properties from the corners of the Earth, and listed them below.

  1. Caesar’s Palace (USA)

An amazing casino where excess and elegance are rife. The sprawling 14-storey Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas features breath-taking architecture that speaks of the Baroque Roman style. Players are welcomed by replicas of elegant Roman statues (which also take centre stage throughout the property) and beautiful, spraying fountains. In an enormous 161,500 square feet gaming area adorned with stunning art pieces, elaborate architraves, and large pillars, you get the sense that ancient Rome has indeed been brought back to life, while the 50,000 sq.ft. spa offers opportunities to enjoy much more than just gambling.

  1. Monte Carlo (Monaco)

The ultra-posh Monte Carlo is an architecturally magnificent casino that impresses with its ornate, stark-white exterior – a fine example of Beaux Art decorative style – alongside a ivory marble scrollwork, and gold embellished features. Prominently situated on the French Riviera, the mid-1800s building still holds on to its fantastic, original architecture and opens its doors exclusively to foreigners.

  1. The Grand Lisboa (China)

Known for being the tallest building in the region of Macau, China, the imposing casino steals impressions with its post-modern architecture. Feeling like it is almost touching the sky as it raises 261 metres up, The Grand Lisboa is much more than an icon on the skyline. In its awe-inspiring interior, visitors can lay eyes on the world’s biggest LED dome that lights the property with more than a million sparkling LED lights. The plush interior and modern décor featuring uniquely designed chandeliers and spectacular ceiling pillar once again greet casino players that seek gambling experiences of luxury and style.  

  1. Bellagio (USA)

Another Las Vegas-based masterpiece that enchants with its signature, 8-acre man-made lake which welcomes visitors with a spectacular fountain show. The tall ceilings, ornamental décor, unique lighting fixtures, and exquisite carpets instantly catch the eye while elegance and grandeur are evident everywhere, from the smallest details to the lobby and casino floor. As for the newest addition to this wonderful construction, the 33-floor (392 feet) spa tower, it definitely follows the refinement and gracefulness of the rest of the property.

  1. Sun City Casino Resort (South Africa)

Built in the late 1800s, Sun City Resort rivals the most posh Las Vegas casinos in opulence and richness. High, imposing arches and oversized pillars, tall ceilings, arresting skylights adorned with sculptures, and fetching, grand windows comprise a majestic interior (and exterior) that gives an African palace-like flair to the building. However, besides an astounding casino, the resort also houses one of the most sublime waterparks in the world.

Feel free to try your luck in any of these magnificent casinos and enjoy a one-of-a kind gambling experience surrounded by luxurious and prepossessing architecture.