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New Jersey Online Gambling: Frequently Asked Questions

Ever since last year, the topic of online gambling and New Jersey has been on many people’s minds and tongues. Ever since New Jersey legalized sports betting in 2018, the governor himself placing the first bet ever, the topic of gambling and moreso, online gambling, has been a frequent one.

There are plenty of questions which need to be answered, luckily enough, the answers to those questions are relatively easy.

Is Online Gambling Legal in New Jersey?

The simple answer is yes, it is. Online gambling has been legal in New Jersey ever since 2013. There were plenty of online casinos which offered a variety of games, as well as some poker sites. After sports betting was legalized in 2018, casinos also started providing their clients with online sports betting, making betting accessible to everyone within the New Jersey borders.

Who can Gamble and Where

The most frequent question about gambling in New Jersey is who can gamble and at which location. The answer to the first question is simple, anyone over the age of 21. To answer the second question, you should understand what geo-location is. Basically, your location can easily be tracked, and therefore you can be restricted to view some content, or in this case, gamble.

Gambling in New Jersey, online gambling, often requires you to be inside the state itself. This is particularly true for many bonuses and promotions which are specific to New Jersey. You can learn more here, about the specifics of promotional codes and geo-location.

Is Any Special Hardware Necessary to Gamble Online?

Nothing special is needed to gamble online, but rather a device compatible with today’s standards, which amounts to a lot of devices. A decent internet connection is required, especially for live games. Disconnecting from a game often ends with you forfeiting and losing. A decent connection also provides you with a pleasant experience. Some sites allow you to download their own applications and use them for a better experience, while others have some downloads which make the gameplay smoother. Any mobile device should suffice, not to mention laptops or desktops.

Are There Any Restrictions to the Number of Accounts You Can Create?

There definitely are restrictions, but this applies to any online casino, not just those in New Jersey. Basically, you cannot have more than one account. They are tied to your own identity and having more than one is impossible on any site. The same goes for New Jersey casinos. You can, however, create a single account on all the sites if you wish, as there is nothing preventing you from doing that. It is recommended to stick to one site, unless another has something you like or find necessary.

Is Personal Information Required?

Yes, it is, and that goes the same for any online casino, except those based on and around cryptocurrencies. The essence of cryptocurrencies is anonymity, but standard casinos operate differently. Your information is needed for reasons of legality and security. Having an underage person create an account can lead to severe penalties, for both sides. Your financials also need to be confirmed, which prevents fraud and stealing. This goes for almost any site which has financial transactions, except the ones with cryptocurrencies as a primary currency.

These are some of the most common questions you can find about gambling online in New Jersey. The questions themselves do not differ from the regular questions people ask, which is to be expected. Once the rules were established, the questions moved to some more general topics about online gambling, rather than those related strictly to New Jersey.