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5 Myths About Casinos and Gambling

One of the reasons gambling is so appealing is the mystique of it all. Gamblers are very superstitious and there are myths that are familiar to the casual patron of InPlay Casino, as well as hardcore fans of online and offline establishments. Today, we are going to talk about and break down 5 of the most common myths about casinos and gambling.

The Games Are Rigged

This one may be true of unregulated establishments, but regulated casinos don’t have to cheat to get their money. It’s bad for business, in fact. The myth is usually followed by the old casino saying: “The House always wins”. Well, it does. That is, sort of, the point. Casinos simply have bigger resources than the usual patron, so in the simple double-or-nothing situation, casinos come out on top.

This myth is also the reason so many sore losers hate the dealers, convinced that the person who gave them their cards has somehow altered the outcome and cheated them out of their winnings. While this is possible in theory, casinos monitor their employees even more closely than they do their patrons. A cheating dealer can get blacklisted very quickly. If you suspect the dealer cheated, report them to the pit boss.

The Spin Button Is Better Than the Handle

We could write a whole post that only deals with slot machines and the myths surrounding them, but this is one of the most common ones, so it made our humble list. The truth is that slot machines are meant to be random. There is no trick that gives you better chances of winning individual games. Certainly not one that involves how you spin.

Slot Machines Return Rates Are Literal

Yes, the machine that has, say, a return rate of 85% should, in theory, make you lose only 15% of the time. However, this does not mean that you will stop losing money after 15 games. The return rates are calculated through billions of simulations. Games of chance bring the phrase “playing the long game” to a whole new level.

Slot Machines Have Hot And Cold Streaks

If you’ve watched Friends, there is the idea that experienced gamblers wait until someone ‘feeds’ the slot machine and gives up just to swoop in to win it big with the minimal number of games played. This is usually paired with the belief that the machine that just paid out big will not do so any time soon.

Neither is true. Slot machines, again, are programmed to be as random as possible. It’s the same principle with loot and damage in online RPGs and other games. There is no mystical force or the hand of fate that moves the symbols of the slot. It’s just luck. Speaking of luck…

It’s All Luck

While, ultimately, what you end up with may easily just be the result of dumb luck, so many games have strategies attached to them that affect the outcome of the game. For example, Texas Hold’Em and other poker variants combine bluffing with trying to figure out what cards the others have to calculate your chances of winning.

Counting cards, though not illegal, is not permitted and you may be blacklisted from a casino, but it shows that it’s a matter of statistics more than luck. Remember, it is only a matter of who has the better resources and can afford to play longer.