Casino tips for beginners
Best casino tips

Winning at the game table is in most cases a matter of strategy and a bit of luck. To help you make a decent run, we’ve gathered our best casino tips and we hope the next time you hit the pad you’d cash out real big.

So, here we go…

Know your threshold

When it comes to the subject of managing money, not many people will pay too much attention because it is a dull subject.

However, before you even step out of your home to the casino, make sure you have made a firm decision about how much you can afford to lose – stick to it and never attempt to play a chase when you’re on a losing streak.

Stick to games you understand

Do you want to maximize your winnings? Then you need to know how the game is played. This is the easiest and most important tip of them all and is rather obvious, but many players tend to ignore it. Understanding how the game is played entails:

  • Knowing the rules of the game
  • How much to bet and when
  • What your odds are on every bet

If you are playing online, get familiar with the buttons and how each one is used to maximize your profits. If you can’t find any tutorials on how to use the buttons, the watch a few rounds/hands being played or get in touch with the customer support of the online casino.

Get Full Value

If your casino offers any comps, then take advantage of them to squeeze out every advantage you can from your bets.

You can join the player’s club for easy access to comps and whenever you gamble, use your card. It does not matter if you are playing for just a few minutes. Always check your email for any special deal offered by your casino and take time to check the players’ club desk for any information that could up your chances of winning.

Utilize any exclusive deal which is usually offered to new subscribers or when you sign up for a card.

Don’t Get Drunk: Play with A Clear Head

It goes without saying that a winning gambler knows his drinking limit at all times. Playing with a clear head will enhance your chances of winning as against getting plastered.

So, keep track of your drinks by setting a limit to it and if you are tired or have already had a few drinks before deciding to hit the casino, then it would be in your best interest to remain at home, or you will get back from the casino, a very broke and disappointed man.

Pinpoint Clumsy Dealers

You will need a sharp eye for this, but statistics have shown that professional blackjack card counters are very few. Look out for the occasional inept blackjack dealer who often flashes a face-down card accidentally. This strategy is known as ‘card holing’ – which gives you about six to nine percent edge over the house. Yes, it is entirely legal, so don’t feel guilty about using this strategy to win yourself some extra bucks.

In conclusion, have fun while playing the game, but keep in mind that you will not always win. Nevertheless, following these tips will increase your chances of winning good money.