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Usual casino drinks

Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 never plays any casino game without his favorite ‘shaken, not stirred’ vodka martini. The same can be said of serious gamblers who believe that drinks enhance the casino experience.

However, it’s vital – at least for your game – to keep your wits while also having fun; hence, the perfect drink to go for as you play your favorite casino games is a cocktail.

Cocktails have always been associated with the glitz and glamour that comes with a casino environment. Most are spiced with just enough alcohol that anyone can carry without getting intoxicated.

Mixed drinks are also perfect; you can start with the renowned two-ingredient drinks – gin and tonic; rum and coke; or Red Bull and vodka.

However, if you do carry your liquor pretty well, then you can graduate to the more complicated recipes, such as the:

Here are some of the few regular drinks you are likely going to come across when you visit any casino.

Scotch and Soda – This drink is a combination of scotch and soda and is a perfect companion for you throughout the night.

Piña Colada – A legendary cocktail for patrons who don’t like strong drinks.

Whiskey On the Rocks – To be precise, this is not a cocktail. However, many casino players enjoy sipping the drink while they gamble.

Screwdriver – This is a vodka-based cocktail that comes with an additional dose of vitamin C, all thanks to the presence of the orange juice.

Vodka Red Bull – Remaining alert at all times as you play casino games should be your target. Vodka Red Bull is the perfect drink that will keep you from getting drunk even as you gamble all night long.

Vesper – This drink is a favorite among players who enjoy their casino games in the high-rollers’ suite. It is a mixture of gin, vodka, and Kina Lillet or Cocchi Americano (thanks to the secret agent, Mr. James Bond!)

Vodka and Cranberry Juice – The bartender might spice up this drink according to the extent of his imaginations, but it could be as simple as merely adding cranberry juice to a glass of vodka.

Martini – The list of usual casino drinks will not be complete without adding the secret agent’s second favorite drink – Vesper being the first. It is also the most popular cocktail which is a combination of vodka or gin with vermouth.

Margarita – This drink is considered lighter than a shot of tequila and even more versatile as a result of several available flavors.

Mojito – This is one of the best summer cocktails you can enjoy in any casino, thanks to a perfect combination of mint and lime as well as white rum.

Bloody Mary – It is a tasty and refreshing drink that does not need any introduction. It is also the best drink to take if you want to cure a hangover.